Linode骨干网络升级,流量全部免费的翻10倍 Cool!


Linode刚刚发表博客:Linode Nextgen: The Network

他们砸了大把银子在骨干网络上,据Linode Blog上称耗资100万美元
We’re spending $1 million making our network faster. Way faster. Cisco
Nexus 7000 routers. Cisco Nexus 5000 switches with Nexus 2000 Fabric
Extenders. Linode outbound network cap increased 5x. Outbound monthly
transfer quota increased 10x.

We’re upgrading our entire network, in all six datacenters. Everything
is being replaced, from top-level routers right down to the switches the
host machines connect to. We’ve been able to do this with zero
downtime, and expect to complete the upgrades within the next few weeks.

同时出站带宽由原来的限制50 Mbits提高到250 Mbits/sec
We’ve also upgraded the default outbound Linode network limit from 50
Mbits to 250 Mbits/sec. All you need to do is to reboot to receive this
five-fold increase. Remember that this is a limit on outbound traffic
only. Inbound is not limited.

To top things off we’ve increased the amount of outbound transfer
included with all plans by 1,000%. That’s right, 10 times the included

  • Linode 512 upgraded from 200GB to 2000GB (2TB)
  • Linode 1G upgraded from 400GB to 4000GB (4TB)
  • Linode 2G upgraded from 800GB to 8000GB (8TB)
  • Linode 4G upgraded from 1600GB to 16000GB (16TB)
  • Linode 8G upgraded from 2000GB to 20000GB (20TB)

In the next few days we’ll tell you about parts 2 and 3 of Linode: NextGen. We think you’ll find them just as exciting. Enjoy!

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